We provide a wide range of services for creative professionals, but sometimes an emerging talent is facing a tight budget as he or she pursues his or her dream. Working with a variety of artists and entertainers, we’ve found that the web development industry was severely lacking in truly affordable, truly comprehensive options to have a gorgeous online presence. [continued below]


We know young and emerging artists, actors, models, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and writers who simply cannot shell out several hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars to have a professional website tightly integrated with their social networking and various touch-points online. Many turn to “do-it-yourself” sites like WIX, but even with their “premium” plans and support, the experience is nothing at all like having  professionals at your disposal who are always ready to ensure your site is perfect and that your needs and wishes are met. Our service is actually better value.

Not everyone wants to hassle with managing their website. And frankly, this is where traditional web firms begin to charge high fees. We have seen “cheap, professional” websites advertised for $250 in order to get a mere two pages of content onto your website, and then the client faces high ongoing fees. That is ludicrous to us. Constructing beautiful, functional, full-featured websites is not labor-intensive anymore. The design industry doesn’t want you to know that.

So we have developed a special project to make your online presence everything it should be for a very low price. We ask that you contact us, and we’ll quckly get a little understanding of your needs to make sure you qualify for TalentExhibit, and we’ll show you a price right away. Currently, highly sophisticated, full-featured, high-impact sites are available as low as $225, and we offer easy monthly payments.

Here is the extensive service we offer, for an amazing price:

  1. Your website will contain tailored graphical elements, your own logo, and pages of information like a bio, a blog for you to easily manage, professional photo galleries, and embedded videos. Everything will be elegant, and nothing will look like a cheap “do-it-yourself” design. In short, your website will be as professional and polished as the one you see here, but with even more features if you require it. All for ONE PRICE – not a bunch of add-ons to drive the cost up.
  2. Your website will tightly integrate with your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and other popular social networking sites and tools.
  3. We will manage the site for you and provide ongoing support, again for a price too low to show here publicly. (You’re going to be amazed when you contact us.)
  4. We can establish your own domain as part of an affordable package, but if you wish to keep your cost even lower, we’ll build you the same highly professional website and place it on our TalentExhibit.com domain. So for a talented person named Amanda Jones, she would have the option to be TalentExhibit.com/amanda or TalentExhibit.com/amandajones – even though it isn’t Amanda’s domain, she still ends up with a professional, easy-to-communicate web address. But unlike a Facebook profile, for example, the address will take visitors to a beautiful website tailored to Amanda’s talents.

Ready for your own elegant, high-impact wesbite? Contact us. Oh! And one more thing, you’ll have your website quickly.


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